Welcome to the interview series ALL about writers.

Take a deep dive into the lives and careers of the writers whose names you see in credits, on shortlists, and social media. From new writers to award-winners, WiVSoD offers an authentic representation of what it’s REALLY like to be a writer.


Series One:

Luke Beddows / Joanne Lau / Nat Saunders / Sophie Dutton / Alex MJ Smith /
Emily Reader / Jeffrey Aidoo / Amber Phillips / Jeff Trammell / Kat Butterfield / James Hamilton /
Emma Boucher / Andrew Dawson

Christmas Specials: Rich Skipworth / Writers in Various Stages of Christmas Shopping

Series Two:

Lucy Dwyer / Salim Allybokus / Amy Xander / Christopher Stanners / Nathalie Antonia / Sean Fee / Nadia Fenty / Rebecca Bain & Alex Garrick-Wright / Conor O’Grady / Jen Ives / Phil Davies / Atlanta Green / Henrik Persson / Kate Scott / Kevin Cecil

Series Three:

Tasha Dhanraj, Matt Baker, Caitlin Magnall-Kearns, Tom Worsley, Anna Costello, Steve Blair, Thara Popoola, Oliver Selby, Connie Kucani, Cameron Loxdale, Clare Plested, Ben Ellis, Lorna Woolfson, Omari McCarthy, Althea Aseoche, Adam Redfern, Dilpreet Kaur Walia, Dom Carter

Christmas Specials: Writers in Various Stages of Christmas Shopping (2021)

Series Four:

Tom Melia, Jennifer Walker, Dan Sweryt, Mina Barber, Nathan Bryon, Amy Spinks, Tiernan Douieb, Jane McCutcheon & Vivienne Riddoch.

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