Introducing Writers in Various Stages of Development

I had the idea to launch The Comedy Loser last year, whilst attending a conference for Learning & Development professionals (as apparently that’s who I was).

After day one wrapped, instead of sitting alone in my Travelodge, I jumped on a train and went to my first recording of Newsjack.

I picked up so much from the experience that the next day, after a programme of inspirational speakers, it suddenly dawned on me that I could combine the two.

I could use what I knew about supporting people with their development goals and apply it to what I REALLY was – a comedy writer.

It seemed to work and I get a steady audience checking out my various blogs. Whenever a new series of Newsjack or Breaking the News begins, I’m contacted by a handful of people who have found their way to me through these pages. I love when this happens.

I’ve not got any work or cash off the back of this thing but I have got to know a LOAD of writers. Writers at all levels. Writers who come from all kinds of backgrounds, each with unique stories and approaches to their craft. Writers who have all found a way to make things work, even if they don’t feel like they’re coping and are one bad note or rejection away from a complete breakdown.

So rather than act like I have ANYTHING to teach anyone, I’ve decided to hand the reigns over to the writers.

Every Sunday, I’ll be featuring a different writer who inspires me. We’ll discuss their story, their goals and their tips for all the other writers out there.

Some of them have credits… others don’t.

Some make their living exclusively as a writer… others work a day job or two.

Some have created famous and award winning shows… others have found a way to get their work out there through web series and podcasts.

These are the people, who when you ask if you can interview them will say, ‘YES!’ before adding that they don’t have anything to say and have no place being interviewed.

They are liars.

These are writers with fascinating stories.

These are writers who are passionate and refuse to quit.

These are writers who put the work in EVERY SINGLE DAY.

These are writers and THIS is Writers in Various Stages of Development.

In a weird full-circle kinda way, it’s a bit like a conference of inspirational people… except you don’t have to sit alone in a Travelodge afterwards… unless you want to.

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