Since I created I’ve received various requests to provide feedback, support, and advice on a one-to-one basis. I’ve always agreed and enjoy being able to support new writers in this way. It’s genuinely very flattering that anybody would care for my opinion.

I’m now starting to receive these requests more frequently and can no longer justify doing it completely for free.

I’ve set two low price points. These are based on services that people may be interested in and are rates that I feel are reasonable in exchange for my time. I’m not going to make a big thing about this or advertise it as a service because like you, I’m fed up of people trying to exploit people’s dreams and I’m sorry if this feels gross like that.

10 Page Script Read

Is your script extract ready to submit to a competition?
  • I’ll read the first 10 pages of your comedy or children’s script and provide a feedback report.
  • You can expect a breakdown of reader experience, idea, plot, characterisation, and dialogue all in the casual and easily digestible tone that you’ll find throughout

    Where possible I will include recommended viewing/reading specific to your project and will assess the suitability for submitting your script to a competition.
12 Jokes Feedback

Looking to improve your joke writing?
  • I often get asked to read and feedback on people’s jokes for shows such as Newsjack and Breaking The News.

    I will read your jokes and provide a feedback report detailing areas for improvement and specific tips to help your jokes stand out.
  • Jokes are subjective but I can help with basic structure, punchline suggestions, editing advice, and general tips on how to have the most impact.

Here are some things that people have said:

I have had some success with jokes broadcast on BBC Radio Four Extra’s Newsjack and BBC Scotland’s Breaking the News, but I wanted to move up a level to pitch better quality and more regularly-used material.

Through his twitter commentaries, The Comedy Loser blog and his radio work, I have known Chris Douch by reputation for some time and approached him to critique a set of rejected jokes I had written for a recent series of Newsjack.

His line-by-line analysis of how I had structured, edited and pitched my jokes was illuminating and showed me how I could have a better hit rate with more thinking, sharper editing and by understanding the market for my jokes better.

Ultimately, it has encouraged me to keep at it, write more and write better.”


“I am very grateful to Chris for all the help and support he gave me when I wanted to try making comedy submissions when my skillset was only in stand up and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.  He took lots of time out to give me relevant and helpful guidance.”


Chris is always friendly, helpful and supportive of other writers.  He encourages anyone new to writing and is always very positive; his blogs are really helpful and pass on advice based on his personal experience and undoubted success.