Sorry, who are you?

Fair question.

My name is Chris Douch and I’m a comedy writer. It’s unlikely you’ve heard of me and if you have, you probably think I’m pushing it by calling myself a comedy writer.

Also fair.

Working with my writing partner (as Bishop and Douch), I’ve had credits on programmes like The Impressions Show, Watson and Oliver, Diddy TV, Gigglebiz, and Crackerjack. In 2018, we placed in the top 2% of submissions for the BBC Writersroom Comedy window and in 2019 we were shortlisted for the BAFTA Rocliffe YA and Children’s competition (as in writing for children… rather than we were competing against children) and the David Nobbs Memorial Trust. We’re perhaps “best known” for once hounding the pop group Hanson with daily videos for 461 days asking them to play at a wedding* (#Hansonatmywedding).

As a solo writer, I write regularly for topical radio shows such as Newsjack, Newsjack Unplugged, Breaking The News and I’m a pool writer for Union Jack Radio. A radio show with Jack in the title? I’m probably involved. I’ve also written eight episodes of the BRIAN BLESSED Bedtime Stories podcast… for Union Jack Radio.

As a person, well, I once met Bruce Springsteen.

If you’re a producer or someone in need of stories or jokes please get in touch via my agent.

Twitter: This is Douch

*They didn’t.

The Comedy Loser